Poh Wah Scaffolding started in 2006 as a MOM approved scaffold contractor. Our company provides scaffoldings to all trades and services. As years go back, our management build a team of confident and efficient supervisors and erectors to provide our best service to all customers. Although, scaffolding have been in construction trade for many decades it has never fail a contractor to access to their next level. Be it, external or internal scaffold, they are always useful and handy when it comes to construction. In any business, time is precious and scaffolding is the tool to Time Efficiency.

Cost and budgeting is always a big consideration to any trade. We can assure our customers that with the amount of money spent, you will be promised and pleased with the results.

Our scaffold team erected all sort of scaffolds to ensure access to different heights for our customers. We are specialize in frame and tubular scaffold erection. Enveloping low rise terraces to high rise condominiums, industrial factories, hotels, shopping centres and casinos with our scaffold for access to facade finishes.

Our operation teams are always ready to answer to customers requests and questions. Customers do not have to worry of ways to access to height. Poh Wah Scaffolding will ensure our operation teams have an answer for you. We have professional civil engineers to help in the designs.

Access to height is a risk to all trades. We understand that safety is important in all aspect and should not be compromised. We will ensure everyone in our company be responsible in doing our part in safety. It’s our responsibility to erect safe scaffold for our fellow workers and tradesman to work on. Bringing them home safely is greatest motto.